CREATION Life, it's all about better choices. rest. environment. activity. trust in God. interpersonal relationships. outlook. nutrition.


In 2018, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, along with cancer cells on my chest wall. While in the hospital, I was introduced to the CREATION Life workshops. After attending, I discovered it gave me so much information and provided me with the one-on-one coaching needed to take advantage of these positive changes in my life. I learned more in these eight workshops than I had in years of researching other health changes, and it has changed my life.


I want to share my successes, I have lost 24 pounds, doing water aerobics for 2 months now, and gardening every day. I am feeling like my old self, volunteering and loving life. The class has been transformative for me, most importantly the issue of choice. You have been a big part of my success, you are a great coach, encouraging others to achieve goals, reinforcing success and turning failure into another opportunity. As a result of the class I encouraged 2 friends to have their blood tested. Both had very high sugars and are in the process of making life changes. Because you have so many students, I will remind you who I am: I’m the woman who drove 50 miles each way even when my husband refused to travel that far to attend a class. I wasn’t just a class, for me it has been a rewritten lease on life.


Creation Life has been such a blessing in both my husband’s and my life. Approximately 2 years ago I enrolled in the class and am so happy I did. My husband lost 70 pounds and has been able to reduce several of his diabetic medications as we have changed our lifestyle for the positive. I have lost 50 pounds and enjoy eating all kinds of vegetables, legumes and other healthy foods. We both have more energy and are more positive. I have learned it is important to have a balance in life which means letting go of frustrations, spending more time with God and taking time for myself. It is fun to continue to help with Creation Life classes and have taught a small group also. The program is something worth making time for.


The lifestyle you are promoting has made such a difference in my life. I’m now exercising 3 times a week and I feel a lot better. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend this program to all.