Principles of Healthy Eating: Nuts and Seeds

Consuming a variety of nuts and seeds daily constitutes another principle of healthy eating. Nuts played a significant role in human nutrition from prehistoric time. One of the oldest texts that mentioned nuts is found in the Book of Genesis. “Take some of the best fruits of the land in your vessels and carry down […]

Principles of Healthy Eating: Fruits and Vegetables

Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables every day is the second principle of a healthy diet. Just as was the case with whole grains, the value of fruit and vegetables was already recognized in antiquity. In ancient Egypt it was common for people to have their own garden, in which the Egyptians cultivated their […]

The Father-Daughter Duo Who Became Marathon Runners, Against All Odds

Les Frederick is my accountant. A Yale graduate, he runs a very successful CPA firm in Seattle, WA and has a daughter named Laura who is in her 30s. Les told me that she’s mentally challenged, functioning at the level of about a five-year old child. Laura lives in a care facility that watches over […]